About Me

Hi guys! Welcome to Life on Main. I’m Annie – a dog mom of three, a realtor and a girl trying to make a house feel like home.

From the time I was sixteen, I lived with my dad who has a very “bachelor” style of living. Hunting, fishing and loving everyday is basically his motto. I worked hard to bring some character, organization and charm into our home. That is when my passion to decorate and create a functional home started.

I now share a home with my awesome boyfriend John – who supports all of my crazy ideas and is the perfect right hand man to help me with all of my DIY projects.

From the time I’ve moved in, I had a long honey-do list of plans for our home to make it both aesthetically welcoming and functional for our life. We are proud dog parents of a German Shepherd, a Lab-Shepherd mix and an Australian Shepherd-Pomeranian mix….which means lots of hair…. EVERYWHERE.

Though our house isn’t always “instagram worthy” and John probably feels like our projects are never-ending, I want to share some of our ideas and DIY projects that will inspire others to use their home as a canvas to reflect their personal style while meeting the practical needs of their family and pets.

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